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To promote trade in your business, we offer you the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the Live European Companies website:

A banner link 468x60px (gif, jpg,png) in the middle of the first page of the site or into the bottom of all pages - the price is 15 euro / month (minimum 12 months)

A banner link 180x150px (gif, jpg,png) on the right side of the site (it appears on all pages of the website) - the price is 15 euro / month (minimum 12 months)

Do you desire a banner link or a website for your company?

Nothing is easier!
Contact us by e-mail on the below address!

- creating banner link price (.gif,.jpg) - 15 euros
- website design and development (all inclusive!) - the price from - 400 euros

For more information - billing, please send an email to this address: E-mail:

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